This world is but a canvas
to our imagination
// henry david thoreau 
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Servicing clients and leading teams for 15 years at award-winning ad agencies. Supporting big and small brands in diverse categories. 

Designing, executing and optimizing campaigns across

the funnel in all online and offline channels. 





Who am I? Why hire me? 

Let's start from the beginning. 

I was born with an insatiable thirst for answers, for a deeper understanding of EVERYTHING. How does that work? What really matters? What if I did it differently? I also had a profound joy for the arts. An artist that could create something from nothing was extraordinary. Magical. 


When I was younger, the idea of a blank canvas (or a blank piece of paper) was intimidating. Both as a metaphor for life and to my inner artist desperate to paint my vision or express the ideas in my mind. What if no one liked it? What if it wasn't perfect? What if I failed?


This fear of failing fueled a perfectionism throughout life. The drive to be the best made me the perfect employee and team member, especially at the big competitive ad agencies. I achieved every professional goal I set for myself by the time I was 33: the title, the money and the shiny trophies. But, something was still missing. 

I had supported 24 different brands, won 18 industry awards and managed over $90M of media. 

What was next? For the first time in my life, I didn't know. So, I decided to travel for a year while working and supporting clients in four different timezones. I lived in 12 different cities and visited 20 countries in total. During lucky month thirteen, I decided. I was ready. 


With countless lessons from the big corporate jobs and the enlightening experience of becoming a global citizen, I was ready to be an entrepreneur and offer services globally as a marketing consultant and career coach. With resources in San Francisco, Chicago, London and around the world, I can solve any problem. Whatever it might be. 


Helping people 1:1 has always been the most rewarding

and meaningful part of any role I've had. 

When it comes to marketing… I understand the importance of research. I know how to find and unlock a consumer insight and then creatively communicate it. I can define a differentiated brand purpose that will set a business apart from the competition. I know how to build a brand strategy and then tactically execute it.

When it comes to career development… I understand people and business politics. I am a master of diplomacy and communication. I can craft a killer resume or presentation to showcase your best self. I can assist with job searches, interview preparation and salary negotiation. I can help work through challenges with managers, co-workers or direct reports.

In all scenarios, I see a solution.


That canvas or blank page is no longer intimidating. It's an exciting opportunity for growth. A lesson. An idea. Something beautiful and truthful that transcends.

Let's imagine what's possible together.

// kelly barnard, chief consultant




marketing consultant

& career coach 


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